Is Cloud Technology a Threat to IT?

The field of Information Technology (IT) has been creating waves in the industry since its inception as many players have found success in the industry. When it comes to solutions, it has been rather easy to depend on IT, and people have always been grateful. But there are certain factors out there that might make this particular field disappear. Well, we are talking about Cloud Technology, and we are going to elaborate in detail about why the IT field might become obsolete in the future.

Growth and Adoption

Growth used to be a standard term associated with the IT industry for a long time. They were placed in high regards, and every person who landed a job at IT was given a pat on the back. But there is a specific manner and way in which IT services are managed, procured and deployed. Instances that seem to be coming in that way are potential threats and will eventually lead to disadvantages. Such cases have paved the way for advancement in Cloud technology as innovation is at its peak.

Areas of Change

We live in a world that does not stick to certain things for a long time. Be it trends, technology or anything for that matter, there arises chances were people tend to find other means and methods in life. The field of IT is also facing such circumstances, as Cloud computing has been forcing firms and organisations to revoke their traditional practices of IT by enforcing questions and methods that highlight the extent of progress made with IT.


Firms and organisations have realised this issue for a long time and were quick to involve Cloud technology in their books of functioning. Such changes have led to the creation of successful IT departments that operate efficiently under Cloud computing. By doing so, we are bidding adieu to the old methods of IT.